BBS&ENA Series Conversion Kit

EUNORAU ENA series hub motor kit/BBS Mid-drive kit have 36V250W version,36V350W,36V500W,48V500W, and 48V1000W version,250W is for street use, and 350W/500W/1000W version is for off-road use, All kits with Front&Rear wheel motor option; All kits with sin-wave controller and colorful LCD display with a USB plug. It will make your life with fun after making the bike to electric, all the parts are compatible with the BBS motor kit from Bafang,  you can select the BBS motor spare parts for the ENA series hub motor kit,The 1000W ENA hub motor kit have regenerative braking system, it can regenerate the power during your riding. If you have motor and battery already, you can buy controller sets from EUNORAU shops too. 

Ride EUNORAU,Ride Smile!