Dealer Policy

EUNORAU Dealer Policy

Part A: EUNORAU                                USA
Part B:                                                   Shop link/shop address:

As a supplier of Part B, we would like to establish more and more reliable business in the year next 12 month, if no new contract, this contract will continue, here is the rebate policy for part A:

  • Part A will refund 10USD/ebike back to Part B when Part B’s annual sales more than 50pcs, the 10USD/EBIKE amount can using for the coming orders(if there is no extra discount required during this year)
  • Part A will refund 15USD/ebike back to Part B when Part B’s annual sales more than 100pcs, the 15USD/EBIKE amount can using for the coming orders(if there is no extra discount required during this year).
  • Part A will refund 20USD/ebike back to Part B when Part B’s annual sales more than 200pcs, the 20USD/EBIKE amount can using for the coming orders(if there is no extra discount required during this year).
  • Payment terms for Part B: 100% payment before ship, MOQ:1PC. It is available to accept shipping label or pick up.
  • Part A will take responsibility of the products after-sale service for Part B only.
  • Warranty base on the newest warranty terms from Part A. Part B’s customer only contact Part B for service.
  • Part A offer 7 days return policy if part B paid the 30USD. 7 days start from tracking number says delivered&Over 7 days, it can not return any more. No matter what happened.
  • Part A registed brand”EUNORAU’’ for Part B(if you want use a brand for marketing).

Policy for part B:

  • Part B need offer warranty parts& service to customer. Part A not service Part B’s customer directly,Part B can offer proof video/photos from Part A to get free spare parts if it is under warranty(see warranty time).
  • Part B must sell the electric bikes online with Part A’s recommend retail price.
  • Part B can use Brand ”EUNORAU” for advertising or Part B’s own brand for advertising. Please do not use BTN for advertising.
  • Drop-shipping bike orders can only stay in Part A’s warehouse max 15 days,over 15 days, Part B need Pay 30USD/bike/month (less than 30 days=one month). Drop-shipping orders only can place the orders with discount code (get from our sales) from
  • As a dealer/partner for Part A, Part B can not post the negative conversations on internet/Payment dispute...etc, when it happens, the contract automatic stop and stop after-service.
  • All newest policy follow the newest Contract from Part A.

Return Terms & Conditions (if Part B paid the insurance):

a) Party B’s customer has to inform Party B within 7 days to return the received products.
 Party B must inform Party A within 3 days by mail (email accepted) after getting the request for return from Party B’s customer.
 b) Customer must initiate return shipment of the merchandise within 7 days   of  the purchase date and pay for the shipping cost to one of Party A’s warehouses located in the U.S/AU/EU/UK.
 c) Party A must receive the product in 100% new, Re-sellable condition. Merchandise is not eligible for a refund if it has been assembled, ridden, worn, used, abused, damaged in any way. The merchandise must arrive complete, including warranty cards, manuals, accessories, promotional material, and in the original packaging.
 d) Party A will finish the inspection within 5 days after receipt of the product. If the returned products are not in original condition according to Clause C, Party A will refuse a refund.
 e) If the returned products are in original condition according to Clause C, Party A will agree to refund the paid amount. Refunds will be paid to Party B by Party A for 100% of the entire Party B purchasing price, which is clarified in the attachment. A restocking fee of 20% will be deducted from Party A’s refund payment to Party B for items returned in their original condition within 7 days of purchase including but not limited to unauthorized returns.

Warranty time:

In order to cooperate with you better(B2B), we have updated the after-sales process.

Original EUNORAU parts & components are covered by limited warranty, the warranty time based on product delivered or production date is following:

  1. 5 years: Bike frame (*Base on frame production date).
  2. 2 years: Battery (*At 85% and above, the capacity of battery is considered as a good health after 2 years of natural use; No warranty for defects or damages caused by water ingress).
  3. 12 months: Mid-drive/Hub motor, Fork, Headset, Battery Base, Display, Controller, Pedal Sensor, Speed Sensor, Throttle, Motor Switch, Charger, Brake Lever,  Dual Battery Converter, Programmer, Rear Shock, Rim, Bottom Bracket, Crankset, Disc Brake Caliper, Handlebar, Stem, Seat Post, Seat Post QR.
  4. *Note: the forward & return freight that the motor ships to official maintaince & repair department is on your own expense.
  5. 6 months: Pedal, Chain, Kickstand, Rear Derailleur, Derailleur Hanger, Front Light, Rear Light, Shifting Lever, Saddle Bag, Tailgate Pad.
  6. 3 months: Spoke, Cable & Wire.


  • The Part B must unpack the package and check before ship out. If any damage happens when delivery to end-customers, the Part B shall bear the responsibility.
  • The Part B usually has exclusive additional 3 months warranty time than retailer, whereas, if the end-customer picks up the electric bikes from Part B beyond the total warranty period, the Part B shall bear all the cost for after-sale service.
  • Parts & Components (must be with manufacturing date) Warranty: The parts and components provided by Part A include parts and components under and beyond warranty and those under warranty shall be applied by Part B as required by Part A. If a quality problem is confirmed by both parties, the relevant parts and components will be replaced. For the parts and components beyond warranty, Part B shall purchase the same from Part A.
  • Part B need to provide enough Photos/video with frame serial number + parts serial numbers email to for warranty purpose.
  • For bicycle rental dealer, the warranty time is halved.
  • All B2C after-sale service can set base on B2B policy.


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