2023 Dealership Benefits

  1. Everybody gets an e-bike - For the first order of an e-bike model you never ordered before, you can directly enjoy a 5% discount on 1pcs and a 10% discount over 10pcs. This discount can only be used on your first order of an e-bike.
  2. Shipping - Any order of $20,000 or 10 e-bikes and above will automatically enjoy a shipping discount of not less than $600 throughout the year. We might have additional discounts for specific events like Black Friday.
  3. Dedicated Support - Every dealer will have a dedicated success manager to ensure dealers can enjoy every benefit we offer to the fullest, every problem solved as soon as possible, and receive prioritized support in case of unexpected quality problems (Our sophisticated QA process ensures just about 0.3% quality related problems)
  4. Get the exposure you need - Every dealer gets their deserved seat on our website, which receives tens of thousands of traffic each month. Additionally, Eunorau will promote selected dealers of the month on our social media channels every month, which drives a million impressions each month.
  5. Join the R&D efforts - Every month, we have at least one new item ready to be sold. You can also tell us what you need in your store and what accessories or bikes you can sell in your area. We will respond within 72 hours to let you know when we can offer the product you need.
  6. Marketing done right - 2023 is the year that Eunorau will shine in terms of Marketing. Our marketing efforts will double from last year. What does this mean for dealers? Well, from an essential catalog to your shop design. We can provide the tools you need to succeed in your business. Also, our website will enjoy an upgrade, with the dealers page redesigned and being in focus.
  7. After-sale is as crucial as pre-sale - Nearly every bike dealer has some after-sale service with their business. Whenever you are stuck with something when you are fixing a Eunorau e-bike, you will have a direct line between you and the e-bike technician behind the design.
  8. Content needed, content delivered - We now have a dedicated team of professionals who will create content for our bikes non-stop. If you require marketing content or want to sport your social media with how our FAT series rides on snow, just let us know, and we will get back with related content in no time.
  9. Communities First - In 2023, we started sponsoring related events and groups such as Buderim9 and Black Hills Mountain Lion Hunters. You can attend any event we support near you as a Eunorau official dealer to find new customers directly. Let us know of events near your location, and we will try to sponsor every one of them.
  10. Drinks on me - Starting from 2023, every year, Eunorau will hold an annual Dealer Conference in Las Vegas, the city of sin/lights/money. The date and place are TBA, but everyone is invited, and all the costs related to the event will be reimbursed.

Bike Pricing

  1. Pricing will be available to you after your first meeting with our Sales. Margins range from $549 to $1400+ per e-bike. (if you do not have contact with our company, you can reach out to media01@eunorau-ebike.com)
  2. Eunorau promises not to increase the dealer price of a product throughout the year.
  3. MSRP is our website pricing for end-users. Our website has deals at certain times, like Black Friday and Christmas. Our site-wide discount is never above 15%, most of the time under 10%. Also, whenever we have a relatively big sale on our website, we have a sale at our dealer's price as well.
  4. Outlet products are the products we have a small stock of but do not plan to continue selling. These products might enjoy a clearance sale of up to 30% on specific order amounts. Rest assured, this happens very rarely.


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Army Green
Army Green
Leaf Camo
Leaf Camo

Exclusive Dealer

Besides any benefit mentioned above, exclusive dealers enjoy even more personalized service.

  1. Monopoly (a legal one) - Have the right to become the sole dealer in your district, city, state, or country. Each requires a different level of commitment to Eunorau. All the other dealers will have to go through you to buy products.
  2. It is all about you - Exclusive dealers can enjoy discounts on all products combined with any other sale that normal dealers enjoy
  3. We kick major ads - Besides social media promotion and shop information on eunorau-ebike.com, we will run ads targeting customers near your area, directing them to your store at no cost to you.
  4. Enter the circle - Exclusive dealers have direct communication lines to C-level executives. Let the higher-ups know your problem and solve it in seconds.
  5. Subsidy for everyone - In 2023, if you attend any expo as a seller and have at least one successful business deal, you can apply for a subsidy that can cover every cost you have related to the event. Be advised that we might require additional documents to support your claim.
  6. Promote it on @eunorau - Besides from selected dealer promotions. Exclusive dealers will get posts about them each month—content directly made by you and posted by us.

Warning:Exclusive dealership is a commitment and requires you to pay a certain amount as a guarantee deposit, talk to your Account Manager for more information

Eunorau reserves the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions in the document you are viewing at any time and at our sole discretion. Any changes or modifications will be effective immediately upon posting the revision, and you waive any right you may have to receive specific notice of such changes or modifications. Your continued use following the posting of changes or modifications will confirm your acceptance of such changes or modifications.

All questions or comments: media01@eunorau-ebike.com

Global Warehousing & Support

Experience the convenience of our strategically located warehouses and enjoy comprehensive after-sales support in the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe, ensuring seamless business operations and exceptional service for our growing network of Eunorau dealers.

About Eunorau

The name, “EUNORAU” (pronounced u-nor-rou),

is a portmanteau of the three sonnets “Europe”, “North America”, and “Australia”. The logo is mainly composed of simple lines, easy to associate with the ebike frame structure, in line with the industry characteristics of the enterprise.

Now it's time for
you to join.

  • Slogan

    Our slogan, “Get back to nature” is a reminder to enjoy the simple pleasures of being outdoors. This is our slogan because we want it to be relevant forever. Climate change is taking a toll on nature, and if we don’t make more efforts to conserve it, our slogan won’t mean anything. We urge riders to use electric bikes as a tool to help them explore, while at the same time use them as a way to reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Wide product range

    The EUNORAU product range covers e-bike accessories, conversion kits, and ready-to-ride models; fat tire mtbs, heavy duty cargos, foldables, and so on.

  • Worldwide

    Since we started this venture, we have grown our business tremendously, and continue to do so; operating and selling across the United States, Australia, parts of Europe, and Canada, we have built after-sale service centers to support our local partners, as well as collect data from our customers in order to learn how to improve our business practices and products.

EUNORAU has been specializing in electric bikes for since 2009.

The family-operated business started as an effective solution to help tackle global warming; as we knew that gas powered vehicles were and are still a major contributor to substantial air pollution and Global Warming.

Our main focus has always been to produce high-quality e-bikes offered at affordable prices. The electric mobility market is ever-growing, and consumers are starting to understand the real benefits behind non-motorized vehicles; the fun, convenience and versatility they bring. E-bikes will be essential modes of transport in the future, so by making our products accessible, we hope to encourage more people to choose electric over gas.