EUNORAU BBS/ENA Series Kit 36V/48V/52V E8 LED Display Black
EUNORAU BBS/ENA Series Kit 36V/48V/52V E8 LED Display Black

EUNORAU BBS/ENA Series Kit 36V/48V/52V E8 LED Display Black

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CDE8 products use the nice looking screen, double side printed board, nylon buckle, ABS material shell, and dip plastic parts. Under the temperature ranging from -20℃ to 60℃, the shell material can ensure the good mechanical performance of the products.

Multi-function LED display - the main functions include the power switch, battery power indication, level indication and adjust, and headlamps switch function.



Size: 30.7mm x 30mm

Color: Black

Button definition:

  • POWER button (headlight power button)
  • UP button
  • DOWN button
  • M button (6 km/h implement button)

In addition, there are 5 led lights on each row to show the battery power and level. And there is one indicator light of the 6km/h implement function and one indicator light of headlight


    • Works for Bafang and EUNORAU ENA motors
    • Voltage in green grid
    • Walk mode to 6 km/h
    • Adjustable assist levels between 0-5
    • Adapters for fixed bar sizes 22.2mm
    • Waterproof cable length 350mm

    Operating instruction:

    a. Power on/off
    At the off state, clicking power button can turn on the display; And then press power button for 3 seconds will power off the display.
    b. Level to adjust
    After power on the display, when the first LED lighten in the ASSIT row, it means level 1; Clicking UP button to lighten the second LED, means level 2; Similarly, click UP button again, and the third LED is bright, indicating that it is level 3, and the highest can be level 5.
    c. Turn on/off light
    Clicking power button can power on the headlight, and the indicator light of headlight will be bright. Click the button again, it will power off the headlight and the indicator light is light off.
    d. Implement function
    Long pressing M button will be 6km/h implement function, and the indicator light will be lit up.
    e. Battery power indication
    LED light in BATTERY row means battery power indication. When the LED shows the last bar, means the power is too lower, you should charge your e-bike immediately.


    Available manual downloads: