Enter the Cadillac of fat tire electric mountain bikes. The Eunorau FAT-HS electric bike is a refined powerhouse packed with a sweet full suspension setup, monster fat tires and a bad attitude towards everything except the nastiest of trails. Power...
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The Eunorau G20 Cargo electric bike is a powerful mid-drive ride that’s capable of carrying a passenger (or two!) and is ready to be loaded up with Ubereats, pizzas or other deliveries! Power — 500 nominal watts, 750 peak watts...
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The electric bike is getting popular in US&Canada&Australia, so every seller is going to advertise the electric bike and kits on the internet, well, so people will ask why we are going to buy from you?  here are some reasons: 

1. Warehouse in the same building as Bafang.  

2. Battery repair in the USA. 

3. Warehouse worldwide.

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