E-bike sales representative job

Due to the continued growth and success of our business, we are looking for sales representative in the states of the United States /Canada/Australia. This position is fully remote, you can work in your city and be in charge of business development in nearby cities without having to go to the office. and we're happy to entertain candidates nationwide.

* Please submit your resume to hr@btn-ebike.com

The role’s responsibilities include

- Handling incoming sales inquiries via phone and email

- Educating potential customers about electric bicycles and the EUNORAU brand to help them find the best bike for their needs.

- Handling support inquiries by email and phone, including troubleshooting some service issues directly with customers.

- Coordinating with customers and the EUNORAU team to ensure that issues get resolved successfully.

- Engaging with bike shops to assist with various customer service issues, as they come up.

- Keep the relationship with shops/dealers and continue offering EUNORAU bikes and independent projects solutions


Job Responsibilities:

1.Communicate with our marketing team about the detailed photo/video requirements

2.Produce at least 20-30 photos each month

3.Produce multiple 1-min videos each month

4.Photos or videos should be taken in various scenes, including beaches, forests, gravel roads, mountain roads, cities, etc.

5.Photos or videos should professionally showcase EUNORAU e-bike's key features:all-terrain, off-road, higher power, longer range

Job Requirements:

1.Based in the US/ Canada/ Europe

2.An online portfolio of photography work featuring outdoor work. Instagram orFacebook "portfolios" will NOT be considered, please send a professional link to your online work,

3.Shoot with SLR and above equipment

4.Fluent in Verbal and Written English

5.Well-organized, with an attention to detail and strong follow-up skills

6.Receptive and accommodating to constructive feedback from our photo/video editors

Blog Posts Writer

Job Responsibilities:

1.Write 100% genuine, interesting and engaging 1000-word articles

2.Write about trending topics that matter in the e-bike industry, product roundups, how-to articles, and more

3.Conduct keyword research, using keywords in the article that boost SEO

4.Conduct independent topic research for relevant and accurate content

Job Requirements:

1.Native English speaker

2.Be able to write at least 5 articles per month

3.Writing experience or familiarity with the e-bike industry preferred

4.Exceptional writing, research, and communication skills

5.Creativity and adaptability
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EUNORAU Vegas office manager

We're hiring for a manager to manage electric bikes in Las Vegas and B2B/B2C customer reception! Serious people only, Part-time is ok.

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Below you can find the media contact for your specific inquiry. We trust you will appreciate that these email are intended only for journalists. If you have questions regarding a product, your order or any other non-media inquiry, please contact our customer service.

Email: gm@eunorau-ebike.com

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