Since 2010, EUNORAU E-MOBILITY USA( has been working with BTN(Back To Nature) Electric Bikes&Electric Drive Systems for More than 10 Years, it has been established a deep cooperative relationship with BTN.  In 2021, EUNORAU E-MOBILITY USA has been launched the...
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The Eunorau G20 Cargo electric bike is a powerful mid-drive ride that’s capable of carrying a passenger (or two!) and is ready to be loaded up with Ubereats, pizzas or other deliveries! Power — 500 nominal watts, 750 peak watts...
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Hunter Electric Bikes Rambo Bike vs Eunorau

You can see more companies focus on certain niches such as Yuba focus only on cargo bikes. Recently I see two electric bikes which are focused on a certain niche; electric bikes for hunting. Rambo bikes 750 and Eunorau Fat HD . These electric bikes can be used for any off road purposes so you aren’t limited with only hunting. But if you are looking for an electric bike special for hunting then these seem the best two options you can find in the market.

Here we will cover them and compare with each other in terms of motor, battery, ease of use, specs and price points.

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