Who is EUNORAU&How to Pronounce?

Who is EUNORAU&How to Pronounce?

EUNORAU, founded in 2010, is specialized in the research, development, design, and manufacturing of lithium-ion power-assisted bicycles.

The name, “EUNORAU”, is a portmanteau of the three sonnets  Europe, North America, and Australia. The logo is mainly composed of simple lines, easy to associate with the ebike frame structure, in line with the industry characteristics of the enterprise.

What’s more the founder wants to help more people who don't have a car or who don't want to always site in the car. We uphold the Lets go back to nature concept, and then our products with our brand are sold well in these areas.

EUNORAU corporate of which headquarters is based in Hangzhou China, with 50 employees and multiple warehouses in various countries. And EUNORAU specializes in affordable eBikes and kits, primarily selling through online channels. The company produces 50,000 units (parts, bicycles and spare parts) a year.

EUNORAU is looking forward to your arrival