EUNORAU Dealer Policy

Party A: EUNORAU                                USA Web:
Party B:                                                  Shop link/shop address:

As a supplier of Party B, we would like to establish more and more reliable business in the year next 12 month, if no new contract, this contract will continue.

Policy for Party A:

  • Party A keep all the goods in U.S..
  • Shipping&Dedicated Support&Get the exposure you need...ect,check this from EUNORAU dealership benefits:
  • Payment terms for Party B: 100% payment before ship, MOQ:1PC. It is available to accept shipping label or pick up.
  • Party A will take responsibility of the products after-sale service for Party B only.
  • Warranty base on the newest warranty terms from Party A. Party B’s customer only contact Party B for service.
  • Party A offer 7 days return policy if Party B paid the 30 USD. 7 days start from tracking number saysd delivered & Over 7 days, it can not return any more. No matter what happened.
  • Party A registered brand "EUNORAU" for Party B (if you want use a brand for marketing).

Policy for Party B:

  • Party B need offer warranty parts& service to customer. Party A not service Party B’s customer directly, Party B can offer proof video/photos from Party A to get free spare parts if it is under warranty(see warranty time).
  • Party B must sell the electric bikes online with Party A’s recommend retail price.
  • Party B can use Brand "EUNORAU" for advertising or Party B’s own brand for advertising. Please do not use BTN for advertising.
  • Drop-shipping bike orders can only stay in Party A’ s warehouse max 15 days,over 15 days, Party B need Pay 30USD/bike/month (less than 30 days=one month). Drop-shipping orders only can place the orders with discount code (get from our sales) from
  • Self-pickup goods ship from Party A’ s warehouse, Party B bears all risks of damage, loss, ect.
  • As a dealer/partner for Party A, Party B can not post the negative conversations on internet/Payment dispute...etc, when it happens, the contract automatic stop and stop after-service.
  • All newest policy follow the newest Contract from Party A.

Return Terms & Conditions(if Party B paid the insurance)

  • Party B’s customer has to inform Party B within 7 days to return the received products. Party B must inform Party A within 3 days by mail (email accepted) after getting the request for return from Party B’s customer.
  • Customer must initiate return shipment of the merchandise within 7 days of the purchase date and pay for the shipping cost to one of Party A’s warehouses located in the U.S/AU/EU/UK.
  • Party A must receive the product in 100% new, Re-sellable condition. Merchandise is not eligible for a refund if it has been assembled, ridden, worn, used, abused, damaged in any way. The merchandise must arrive complete, including warranty cards, manuals, accessories, promotional material, and in the original packaging.
  • Party A will finish the inspection within 5 days after receipt of the product. If the returned products are not in original condition according to Clause C, Party A will refuse a refund.
  • If the returned products are in original condition according to Clause C, Party A will agree to refund the paid amount. Refunds will be paid to Party B by Party A for 100% of the entire Party B purchasing price, which is clarified in the attachment. A restocking fee of 20% will be deducted from Party A’s refund payment to Party B for items returned in their original condition within 7 days of purchase including but not limited to unauthorized returns.

Warranty Time

In order to cooperate with you better(B2B), we have updated the after-sales process as follows:

  1. Mid-drive motors/Hub motors: Warranty date:12+3 months,according to the product delivered or production date on the product.
  2. Other electric components: Warranty date:12+3 months,according to the product delivered or production date on the product (controller, brake sensor, PAS sensor, display). The Mechanic Parts offer 30 days warranty after use, Dealers need to offer spare parts/Repair for customer after 30 days.
  3. Battery: Warranty date: 24+3 months.
  4. Bike frame: 5 years base on frame production date.
  5. All warranty services exclude commercial use like sharing e-bikes, rental e-bike, e-bike competition, and e-bike conversion.

All B2C after-sale service can set base on B2B policy.

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