5 benefits of electric bikes

Jun 06, 2022

5 benefits of electric bikes

Electric bikes come with so many great benefits, so we’ve narrowed them down to what we think are the best, and most relevant to today’s living standards.


Making the switch from fossil fuel-powered vehicles to electric ones will help minimize your carbon footprint. Eunorau started with the goal to help reduce global warming, and we continue to produce eco-friendly products that are ideal alternatives from cars and public transportation.

All of our e-bikes are equipped with emission-free lithium-ion Samsung batteries; containing fewer toxic metals compared to other batteries, therefore our batteries are categorized as non-hazardous waste. They are recyclable, and are reprocessed into new batteries at the end of their life-cycle. It’s an innovative product that is in line with the circular economy, and a valuable asset worth the investment for a greener future.

Convenient modes of transport

Bikes in general are a super convenient way to get around and travel. However, e-bikes allow riders to have that extra power; saving a lot of time and energy. Being able to beat rush hour and bypass traffic- an electric bike is the obvious choice for those looking for proper and quick transportation somewhere between a car and a motorbike. Riding an e-bike is also lot more fun than waiting for the subway or bus.


Along with being practical modes of transport, Eunorau offers folding e-bikes that can be transported anywhere. The Eunorau E-FAT-MN and E-FAT-STEP folds down and can be carried and stored just about anywhere. 


E-bikes give you the freedom to travel and ride wherever; adaptable to ride on gravel roads, rocky terrains, the snow and dry sands. E-bikes eliminate possible limitations while unlocking new ways of travel and commuting. They mostly provide riders with a lot of possibilities.

Eunorau e-bikes are armed with numerous functions such as; dual suspension, high-quality gear shift systems, Bafang motors, LCD displays and hydraulic brakes just to name a few. Everything is built-in for the convenience, safety and satisfaction of the rider.

In the event of riding in the rain; hydraulic brakes give steady and ample force when stopping. Fixed LED lights will make you visible to others on the road as well as lighting up the path at night. Riding uphill isn’t a struggle while using the throttle or pedal assist. Furthermore, carrying or hauling items is easy with large payload capacities of up to 440lbs on our e-cargo models… the list goes on.

Suitable for everyone

With so many products these days marketed towards millennials and gen Z; it seems as though brands have overlooked senior consumers. Our products suit all ages and genders of people living diverse lifestyles and whereabouts. Whether you are an outback hunter, an off-road enthusiast, live in snowy areas, are a suburban family with kids, a city commuter, a casual rider and so on- Eunorau will have an e-bike for you.

We have heard many exciting stories about what our customers get up to on their Eunorau electric bikes, and it makes us feel like we are a part of their journey too, so it’s very enjoyable for us to read and know our customers are having a good time.

A topic that we really find joy from, is hearing positive feedback from our golden-agers. A while ago, a woman by the name of Barbara sent us a photo of her and her Eunorau E-FAT-MN. Barbara said she was “so glad” that she purchased an e-bike from us, and that she got to “smile when I go uphill”.

We like to hear and read about all our customers e-biking adventures, but when we know that we have helped somebody get to places that they were maybe unable to get before- it makes us extremely happy and proud to serve them.  

Travel further

As we mentioned before how e-bikes have allowed riders new abilities and strengths, they’re also designed to endure lengthy distances. Eunorau e-bikes carry batteries that are compact and powerful. These lithium-ion Samsung batteries last between 3-5 years, and only need a few hours of charge (3-6 hours) to get them back up to 100%. 

It’s possible to carry a dual battery for extra mileage, plus go further than you could go on a normal pedal bicycle while enduring less physical strain. Eunorau e-bikes can reach travelling speeds of 30MPH and have extensive ranges up to 40+ miles without a dual battery and 80+ miles with a second battery.

Next time you are stuck in traffic, waiting for the bus, or just keen on an adventure- think about us. We hope to ride with you soon!