Eunorau E-bike stories

Jun 15, 2022

Eunorau E-bike stories

It’s always interesting to receive customer feedback; good or bad, we rely on our customers comments so that we can improve our business practices. We regularly get feedback via our Eunorau Facebook page and fan groups, and wanted to share some of the adventure stories our customers have sent us.

Specter S

“I received my Specter S and did an 11-mile ride. My first impressions are good. The bike was comfortable and performed well once I dialled in the rear suspension for a smoother ride. It will cruise along at 30+mph with only the throttle and it hit 45.5mph on a long downhill. I had the 17ah battery installed and there was 51.5v left after the ride with only a moderate amount of pedalling. The headtube angle is pretty relaxed so it's not quite as 'nimble' going slow as some other fat ebikes I've ridden. No issues with the brakes, they were adequate and smooth but I plan to upgrade them to Magura 4 piston brakes and 203mm rotors. Overall I like the bike and it seems sturdy and well built. Also, Amy in Las Vegas was great and very helpful in the purchase.”- Jay

“Stats of my first trail incursion with the Specter S (14Ah battery). On a fully charged battery, ~27.5 miles. I split the view of the trip to showcase the variety of terrain incline and distance. Switched between PAS 1 and none; a couple of times to 2; switched gears as I saw fit. The motor shift detection was noticeable and welcomed. On a couple of short steep climbs, I went up on the PAS: amazing. Very impressed also with the suspension (having a bike with rear suspension is new to me). Chewed up the trail, got a great workout. Final battery charge level was 25% (it could've very well been 30%, but I decided to crank up the PAS to 3 a couple of miles away from my house (it was dinner time after all) - Gustavo


“So grateful to have received an e-Fat as a gift from my wife. Neurological issues closed the door to biking many years ago. Blessed to have a door opened through her thoughtfulness. Bike is awesome, rugged, and a head turner with styling that's unbeatable. Five stars in every regard. Treat yourself or someone you love.” – Dave

“I just took my bike for my first long journey. We live in a very hilly area and I was nervous about how it would handle the steep hills. I am still learning how to use it, but it was soooooo fun! Even at the lowest pedal assist it was so easy to ride, and going up hills on level five was almost effortless! I even tested the full throttle on the hills just to see if it would work, and it did! I highly recommend this bike! I haven't exercised in over a year, so am out of shape and definitely overweight, and have been avoiding going out on bikes with my family because I can't keep up. Now I'm ahead of the pack!!!!! I even have to stop to wait up for my husband, who is an avid biker!!! I am going to start trying to ride the rails for trails to work - will update as the weather warms up!”- Henry


Max Cargo:

“I don't write many reviews but as I looked for a bike that could fit my 2 boys, I noticed there was not a lot of reviews on these types of bikes so I thought I better leave one to help others. 

I went to electronic bike shops and saw other bikes like this one, some of them were over $8,000. I also own an E Bike already so have some idea about what I expected. 

Long story short this as a great bike, quality components and definitely worth the price. I am a very happy customer and my boys love it.”- Chris


If you have a fun story to share with your Eunorau bike, get in touch!