EUNORAU Launched 'BKRE' to Service E-Bikes in North America

Oct 26, 2022

EUNORAU Launched 'BKRE' to Service E-Bikes in North America
EUNORAU, the electric bicycle manufacturer, announced the launch of 'ebikerepairfactory' (BKRE). This is a new website designed as a one-stop-shop for existing e-bike owners across North America. EUNORAU identified that, for many e-bike owners, finding quality repair services that do not charge a fortune is a difficult task, often requiring customers to go through the original manufacturer of the e-bike.

BKRE addresses this gap in the market. EUNORAU aims to support most major e-bike brands in North America across the board, while lesser-known brands will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. In addition to repairs and touch-up services, BKRE will sell cycling accessories that fit all bike models, such as clip-on bags and baskets.

The ebikerepairfactory website is live now for services, accessory retail, and customer support.

Image Credit: EUNORAU, BKRE