New Arrival: The Eunorau Specter-ST

Sep 07, 2022

Eunorau Specter-ST White with 1000W G620 Mid-Drive Motor & Torque Sensor

It’s been a crazy year so far… and its only September! As gas prices continue to go up, more people are switching to electric modes of transport. Whether it’s electric cars, scooters, or bikes; they all produce zero emissions, produce less of an environmental footprint than gas-powered vehicles, and most importantly- they don’t strip the environment of the resources we need to sustain ourselves with for the future.

We decided to expand our product range to provide even more options to our customers, and potential riders who want to experience electric bike adventures. We’ve already released our new eclectic D6 commuter bike this year, and now we have our Specter-ST.

The Specter-ST is a classic electric bike, but at the same time, much more. Some say that it’s the Bafang G510 M620 motor that provides the Specter-ST with excellent performance. This motor is typically used for high-powered MTBs to climb up steep terrains, and cargo bikes that need the extra power to carry heavy loads. Cadence based motors are no match for the Bafang G510 M620’s 1000w, torque sensor and 160 N.m of torque.

Similar to our other e-bikes we offer, the Specter-ST’s technical features are practical, high-quality and include all the right perks. On the front, the bike has an inverted front suspension fork that is a life-saver for those who experience lower body pain after tough rides. This suspension will absorb a large number of shocks and bumps; relieving the rider from fatigue, and providing you with a fun ride where you can ride faster, better and smarter . A removable lithium-ion battery is included and easy to remove to charge, or switch to an optional second battery that we provide.

Bafang doesn’t only make a motor appearance, but also on the display. The Bafang TFT display is a DPC18 color matrix display. It’s got an aerodynamic low-profile design, but visible at all times when riding outside. Riders can check their speed, battery life, range, odometer, pedal assist levels, as well as having a USB port to charge personal electronics.

Moving on to the back of the bike, you’ll find DNM rear suspension completes the meaning of ‘full suspension’. Having this will allow for that added control when it comes to controlling your tire grips to the ground, therefore balance and comfort.

Speaking of control, the Specter-ST’s 180mm hydraulic disc brakes are huge assets to your ride. They are superior in performance. Don’t underestimate them, because they provide efficient, robust brake force, and can help you out in the roughest terrains. Unlike the typical brakes with steel cables, the hydraulic brakes don’t have a cable, so they don’t wear out easily when exposed to the elements.

If the technical specs weren’t enough, the Specter-ST has got more to boast about. We were asked the other day if the Specter-ST would support someone of 100lbs… The short answer is yes. The long answer is; yes, the Specter-ST has a payload capacity of 440lbs, so it could technically carry 4110 lbs persons on it. Along with that, it would take those 4 people on an 80+ mile journey, choose between a 0-5 level pedal assist depending on how much exercise you want to get out of it, and ride at a maximum speed of 30MPH. Not bad, right?

We are really excited to see you guys riding our Specter-ST. We’ve already received some good feedback and photos from customers in our Eunorau Facebook Group, which anyone who rides an Eunorau Bike can join to stay tuned with customer updates, as well as company updates of our own.

Next time you are at the gas station, think about us and our electric bikes. Or maybe you just want to get outside more, have more fun, and explore more. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for a chat.

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