Events and Expos

Feb 26, 2023

Events and Expos

It is always a great opportunity for us to be involved in events and expos, so we can have better relationships with our existing and potential B2B and B2C customers.


Recently, we’ve sponsored some awesome events and been busy participating in expos around the States.


At the beginning of this year, we were lucky enough to have our own booth to showcase our products at the CABDA Midwest Expo, CABDA West expo and the SHOT Show. Both were a great success, as we learned and talked to others in the industry as well as getting the opportunity to educate people about our brand and ebikes.


On March 8, we will be attending and showcasing at the CABDA East expo, so we hope to see you there too!


The Black Hills Banquet is a new event we will be sponsoring for the Annual Lion Hunt on March 11, where we will gift an Eunorau Fat-HD ebike as the top prize. The Eunorau Fat-HD has been one of the top choices for hunters for a long time. It is a stealthy ebike with a near-silent motor to prevent startling possible game, it is more than capable of hauling back large game with a payload of 375lbs and of course, it operates brilliantly on jagged, rocky, uneven, bushy and muddy terrain. The Fat-HD even comes in camo to be extra incognito.


We enjoy sponsoring and being a part of such events, so if you are interested in partnering with us for a collaboration, please feel free to contact us: