Mopeds vs Electric bikes

Aug 08, 2022

Mopeds vs Electric bikes

What’s the difference?

Many people get confused about the difference between a moped and an electric bicycle. Some think they’re more or less the same, while others think an electric bicycle is just another type of moped.


Moped is an abbreviation of “motorized” and “pedal”. A moped is typically defined as a single-seated automobile with a large foot resting platform at the front, and sometimes a small engine if they are gas-powered. Brands such as Vespa helped mopeds come to fame in the early 50’s; featured in the iconic Roman Holiday movie starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

Picture from Roman Holiday

It wasn’t until 1996; right around the time electric cars had become quite popular in the USA and Europe, that the Peugeot brand mass-produced the electric moped (also known as a scooter), that had a top speed of 31 mph and a range of 29 miles.

These days, electric mopeds have become more of a common form of transportation for urban dwellers. Depending on the model, an electric moped can have speed ranges between 35-75 mph, and are able to travel up to 80 + miles on a single charge.

- Can store things inside the seat
- Good alternative to a car/ motorbike
- Efficient
- Cannot go on highways.
- Long charging times.
- Struggle uphill, and can’t handle grounds that are not smooth.

Electric bikes:

Electric bikes are configured just how they sound. It’s a bike that is electric! Similar to electric mopeds, e-bikes are zero-emission modes of transport, plus are an easy and quick way to get around. They are much lighter compared to mopeds, and are able to fulfil the same experience as a standard bike ride by gaining exercise when riding one, just with less fatigue and adding more power to your ride.


- Suitable, and a lot of variations that can suit anyone
- Can still maintain fitness
- Easy to get up hills, sturdy enough to go on off road trails that are rocky and rough, can glide over the snow and dry sands.
- Repairs are more complex than standard bicycles.
- Cannot go on highways.
- Price is higher than an average bicycle.

One of the key differences between the two is that electric bikes have pedal assist and still require riders to pedal, and mopeds don’t require riders to pedal at all. Mopeds also require riders to carry a license and be older than 16 years old in order to drive on public roads, whereas electric bikes don’t have any age restriction, no registration and no license.

Similarities include; the inability to ride on highways, and limited trips compared when to motorized vehicles such as cars and motorcycles.

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Whatever mode of transport you choose, be safe and enjoy!