Why you should convert your bicycle into an EBIKE!

Apr 19, 2023

Why you should convert your bicycle into an EBIKE!
Why You Should Convert Your Bicycle into an E-Bike: Save Money, Have Fun and Stay Healthy!
Bicycles have been one of the best inventions of all time, but now you can make them even better with electric power. Electric bikes (or e-bikes) are convenient, fun and sustainable, and you don’t have to buy a new one. You can actually convert your existing bicycle into an e-bike with a simple kit. Here’s how.
There are 3 different ways to mount the motor when converting your bike into an E-Bike:
  • Front-wheel (hub motor): This option is easy to install and suitable for most bikes. However, it can affect the steering and balance of your bike.
  • Rear-wheel (hub motor): This option is more powerful and stable than the front-wheel option. However, it can be heavier and harder to install.
  • Bottom bracket - in the middle (mid-motor, mid-drive motor): This option is the most efficient and natural-feeling option. It distributes the power evenly through the drivetrain and adjusts to your pedaling speed. However, it can be more expensive and complex to install.
Our conversion kit comes with:
  • A Bafang BBSHD 68mm/100mm/120mm Motor
  • A 10AH/ 14AH/ 17AH Samsung battery
  • 5 options of chain rings
  • A thumb throttle
  • A speed sensor
  • A bottom bracket available in 3 sizes
  • A mechanical brake sensor or a Hydraulic brake sensor
  • A display
The other conversion kit we offer comes with:
  • A rear freewheel motor
  • A torque sensor
  • 5 options of batteries
  • A hydraulic brake sensor or a mechanical brake sensor or a brake lever with power cut-off
  • A thumb throttle
  • A controller box
  • 10 cable ties
  • A range of display systems to choose from.
Converting your bike into an e-bike does NOT make you lazy. You are still required to pedal, but you just have a little more assistance. Studies have proven that riding electric bikes can help reduce blood pressure, strengthen muscles, decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease and increase your overall well-being.
So, what are you waiting for? It’s the cheapest and most easy way to own an ebike, and you don’t have to leave your beloved bicycle in the garage collecting dust. You will still have the familiarity of your own bicycle, but feel more power, efficiency and fun.
If you want to learn more about our conversion kits or order one today, visit our website at You can also read some of our happy customer reviews or share your own experience with us.